年少时候 When we were young

Pat, Yu, Qing…Hope you guys enjoy national day this weekend, wherever you are.

This year is SG50, celebrating Singapore’s fifty years of independence. Remember when we were involved 25 years ago in the NDP 1990 Silver Jubilee Spectacular celebrations, for Spore’s 25th year of independence? We had to wear those rough and prickly costumes of silvery tops and shorts, and run around the field at National Stadium while waving a silver flag, to the commands of the American lady choreographer (who did that famous British Airways ad showcasing mass coordinated displays). And we had to do that for hours under the hot sun during rehearsals several times a week for 6 months, leading up to National Day itself. The only good thing was, RGS and RJC were involved as well.

Singapore 25th Anniversary (NDP 1990) Silver Jubilee Spectacular:

[our segment starts 45:35]
RI boys and RGS girls in shorts and waving the short flag, RJC girls and boys in long pants with the long-pole flags.

Oh God, that third song at 50:00, I remember it so well. 1, 2,…swirl the flag…3, 4, turn and swirl the flag…

I remember my main position was at the far line of the back border. Spent so much time in that spot under the merciless sun waiting and waiting during rehearsals. Regrettably, far from the RGS girls.

I can’t believe its been 25 years.
细水长流 – 梁文福:




年少时候 谁没有梦 无意之中 你将心愿透露
就在你生日的时候 我将小小口琴送 最难忘记 你的笑容
友情的细水慢慢流 流进了你我的心中
曾在球场边为你欢呼 你跌伤我背伏
夜里流星飞渡 想像着他日的路途 晚风听着我们壮志无数

年少时候 谁没有愁 满腔愤慨 唯有你能听得懂
每当我失意的时候 你将那首歌吹奏 琴声悠悠 解我轻忧

岁月的细水慢慢流 流到了别离的时候
轻拍你的肩 听我说朋友不要太惆怅
霓虹纵然再嚣张 我们的步履有方向 成败不论切莫将昔日遗忘

多年以后 又再相逢 我们都有了疲倦的笑容
问一声我的朋友 何时再为我吹奏 是否依旧 是否依旧

人生的际遇千百种 但有知心长相重
人愿长久 水愿长流 年少时候

And the female version. I liked this version ever since I watched it on TV many years ago, with its old classroom setting; and probably because it featured 蔡礼莲. I adored her voice back then, when she was an aspiring 新謠 Xinyao singer still hoping to become a full-time singer and recording artist, before she became a full-time radio DJ and part-time singer. She came to my school when I was in Sec One for a 校园演唱会 campus concert, and I’ve been a fan ever since. At least, can still hear her sweet voice over the airwaves. (I especially liked one song of hers, a song with 回文叠行字.)
And Joi Chua 蔡淳佳 is not bad too. Soothing voices.

细水长流 Xi Shui Chang Liu (MV) by 蔡礼莲 蔡淳佳 唐玉璇:


4 thoughts on “年少时候 When we were young

  1. Did you catch sgiff.com/browse-all-films/songs-we-sang? Good stuff! Many tears and great spoken history (that is seldom spoken).


  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the great links. No, I didn’t catch the 新谣 xinyao film; a pity its only for a single screening.

    I just viewed a couple of the videos posted on the links, including the 预告片. What a pleasant surprise to see the first person in the video is 许南盛 of 水草三重唱! Really haven’t seen him in such a long time.

    And from another video about 梁文福’s concluded October concert, also for only a single show, he apparently said:
    “青春,岁月和人生都是不能加场的… …(唯有梦想)”

    How true.
    Thanks again for the links!

  3. Cry, shake, wipe, sniff, repeat. How many knew it began with the demise of Chinese education in Singapore. What a turning point. Such tender melancholy.

    Wenfu was right. So was the bard… as well as Stephen Chow (probably the scriptwriter) — elsewhere, thoughts recorded in ending:

    “Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve,
    And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
    Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff
    As dreams are made on; and our little life
    Is rounded with a sleep.”
    – William Shakespeare (The Tempest)

    It is but a dream, yes, and all will dissolve in a sleep. 如 Jack Ma 马云说: “So 他妈 what?” That did not stop humans from revelling in Shakespeare for 400 years, did it?

    Are we all fools; we are. But what is a fool without a dream?

    – Stephen Chow 周星驰 (https://youtu.be/bZfJ3eJizCk)

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