Sometimes When You Win, You Lose

[Like an Impressionist painting, that’s what I always remembered about this film.]

I just bought this DVD last Friday and re-watched this old movie again after more than 10 years, over the weekend 5 days ago, prompted by a late night piquant conversation and spirited discussion on reincarnation, the six realms/六道, buddhist 涅槃/nirvana, the christian doctrine of heaven, hell and purgatory, and on Dante’s Divine Comedy – Inferno | Purgatorio | Paradiso. She had not seen the movie before and I remembered some parts of it may help illustrate what we were talking about.

Then, the shocking news popped up on my news feeds late last night…

Dumbfounded. Saddened.

Those who know the film will know just how painfully reflective some parts, themes, and scenes of the movie parallel this sad situation.

And its not this scene. Don’t dare to show the other scary ones.
Sometimes When You Win, You Lose (What Dreams May Come Scene):


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