Dusk 黃昏

黃昏 Dusk:


作曲:周傳雄/編曲:Nai Kong

過完整個夏天 憂傷並沒有好一些
開車行駛在公路無際無邊 有離開自己的感覺

唱不完一首歌 疲倦還剩下黑眼圈
感情的世界 傷害在所難免 黃昏再美終要黑夜

依然記得從你口中說出再見堅決如鐵 昏暗中有種烈日灼身的錯覺
黃昏的地平線 劃出一句離別 愛情進入永夜

依然記得從你眼中滑落的淚傷心欲絕 混亂中有種熱淚燒傷的錯覺
黃昏的地平線 割斷幸福喜悅 相愛已經幻滅

Going through an entire summer, yet the grief did not ease at all
Driving along the endless and boundless highway, I feel like I am leaving myself behind

Singing an unending song, exhaustion leaving only dark eye rings
The world of emotions, is filled with inevitable hurts, the most beautiful dusk must yet recede into the darkness of night

Remembering still your spoken words of goodbye as cold and as unyielding as iron, in this darkness of the last light I thought I was being seared by the branding irons of the hottest sun
The horizon line of the dusk, separates like a single word of farewell, love has entered into the eternal night

Remembering still the grief stricken tears falling and spilling from your eyes, in this boiling chaos I thought I was being burnt by hot and steaming tears
The horizon line of the dusk, severs joy and happiness, love has been decimated


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