Down from the Hills and back to my coastal Southern Kingdom 國境之南

The monsoon recedes, the rain peters out, the winds still and the chill warms…
The season changes, and so must Man.

Coming down from the cool heights of the Cairns and the Hills, back to the warm beaches and coasts of my southern kingdom.
國境之南 Southern Kingdom:


如果海 會說話 如果風愛上砂
如果 有些想念遺忘在某個長假
我會聆聽浪花 讓風吹過頭髮

非得等春天遠了 夏天才近了

當陽光 再次 回到那 飄著雨的國境之南
我會試著把 那一年的故事 再接下去說完
當陽光 再次 離開那 太晴朗的國境之南
妳會不會把 妳曾帶走的愛 在告別前用微笑全歸還

海很藍 星光燦爛 我仍空著我的臂彎
天很寬 在我獨自唱歌的夜晚
請原諒我的愛 訴說的太緩慢

If the ocean can speak, if the wind falls in love with the sand
If, some yearnings remain forgotten in some long and lazy holiday
I will listen carefully to the spraying waves, let the wind ruffle through my hair
And allow the love in my memories and receding tides of time foment and build into a resounding roar

Only when spring has become distant, shall summer slowly approach
Only when I turn and look back did I finally understand

When sunlight once again returns, to that softly drizzling southern kingdom
I shall try and continue telling the story of that year
When sunlight once again leaves, from that too bright and sunny southern kingdom
Will you bring back that love you once took away and return it all with your smile before you say goodbye

The sea is so blue, the stars bright glittering, and the crook of my arm is still empty
The sky is expansive, in that night I was singing alone
Please forgive that my love, was being told too hesitatingly


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