10 weeks of pain and counting.

Endured nearly 4 weeks of crippling pain (lower back pain, intense burning swooning sciatic nerve pain down one leg, numbness down the other) after the dreaded and damning, white-faced MRI result and diagnosis (greater than 80% disc extrusion and compression on all nerve roots), seeking second and third opinions in vain, before finally recognizing the inevitability or rather, urgency of surgery (any further delay will likely increase probability of permanent damage to the nerves, resulting in permanent sciatic pain, weakness and even paralysis). After the op, the surgeon came by my room while I was still groggy from the GA and exclaimed that the spinal canal crowding was worse than what the MRI scan had showed, the amount of extruded disc material he had to remove was one of the largest he had seen in his 1000 operations (waving in front of my dopey eyes and face a bottle containing pinkish-white gelatinous material. What used to be my spinal disc material. Gross). One nerve root was pushed particularly out and around the laminar bone, thus causing the severe sciatic leg pain. No wonder even the double dosages of Arcoxia, Lyrica, Tramadol etc did little to alleviate the ‘deep within the bone’ pain; no wonder I was in so much pain, the doc said. He was surprised I was able to move around at all. Morphine would probably had worked better, he added. Gee, thanks doc…

The post-op recovery not going as well as I thought. Back pain, twinges, tender surgery wound, and worse, the cramping pain and weakness in the legs. But thankfully, of lessened intensity. At least I can sit for more than 10 minutes at a time now. And pull on my shorts with less pain.
Hmm, probably should not have started the Pilates strengthening exercises so soon. The pull-ups, dips and push-ups I gingerly started doing since last week probably not helping as well.

Ah well, am just thankful I am resting under the sweetest personal TLC. I may be all mucked up in pain and truly, a Broken Man now. But I’m still on top of the world.