Rascal and his friends

Even a Rascal has his scallywag friends around him to commiserate and celebrate his many fails with.

無賴 (理直氣壯版) 鄭中基
Rascal (self-righteous version) Ronald Cheng

And with ne’er-do-well friends like 李璨琛 Sam Lee (Hong Kong actor notorious for his many supporting roles acting as a ne’er-do-well and usually drugged-out friend who gets the male leads in trouble), who needs enemies?

Ah, I also want to have a 無賴 Party/Rascal Party with my buds and babes!
Preferably at the old Canto or Club Barracuda at the now long-defunct Planet Marina, Marina South.

God, those were the days. Cutting classes to attend afternoon ‘tea dance’ parties at Canto, Fire, Sparks (all legal, no age restriction and no alcohol served -ahem- before 6pm; but no go when happy hours start). And before stepping into the clubs, we checked and double-checked that our 90s-style floppy hair was in place, our baggy chicken-pants hanging just right, our grunge jeans perfectly grunged, and above all, that we got our Running Man and Shuffle dance moves down pat.

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually miss the old Planet Marina, with its motley gaggle of gauzy-themed clubs and pubs, seedy 24-hr pool house, bowling joints, coffee-shops and restaurants…even the large and open, dark and slightly creepy car-parks where you just might find a fresh steaming pool of vomit some drunk had just thrown up next to your car. And where I was menaced upon and shaken down by a gang of 10 or so chaps in three Ah Beng boy-racers (Civic EG6s and WRXs) who drew up around me and forced my car to a stop. I survived that.

[No disrespect meant to boy-racers. In fact, the first car that I really really wanted (apart from a childish lust for the Knight Rider/KITT lookalike, the Mazda RX-7 Savanna from the 80s), was and still is the perfect boy-racer, the Civic EG6.

李璨琛 Sam Lee tricking out and tuning up his WRX STi:


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