(Waiting) By the sea 沿海地带

Have always consciously tried not to reference Stefanie Sun and her songs. Not that I hate her songs, I’m pretty neutral towards most of them, don’t particularly like or dislike them. But with her near-superstardom and pan-Asia dominance of Mandarin pop music previously, I didn’t want national pride to lead to undiscerning blind cheering. Plus the slightly unorthodox spelling of her name and inevitable associations made it too close for comfort. And there are other Sporean singers/musicians I like way better anyway.

But this song of hers really struck a wistful fraying chord then, and I guess was one of those 疗伤-healing yet still-hoping lovesongs that made everything better and worse at the same time.

[Usually don’t like asian music videos shot in exotic foreign locales/cities. But I make exceptions.]

孙燕姿 – 我的爱 Stefanie Sun – My Love:
[Long MV version, like a micromovie 微电影]

以为 只要简单地生活
就能平息了脉搏 却忘了在逃什么
我的爱 明明还在 转身了才明白
该把幸福 找回来
我会在沿海地带 等着潮汐更改 送你回来

I thought, all I needed was to reduce life to its simplest
And I could quieten my pulse and beat, but I forgot what I was running away from
My love, is clearly still here, only after I turned away did I understand
I must get Happiness back
And not leave each other alone with only cherished memories
I will be by the sea, waiting for the changing of the tides, to send you back

Too many long walks trudging along beaches, staring out at the fomenting waves and changing tides, waiting…waiting…for my pulse and beat and chaotic rhythms to quieten and reduce and return to its centered origin.

Only when everything has reduced to nothing, can it spring forth once more
[Short MV version, better song flow, higher quality]


One thought on “(Waiting) By the sea 沿海地带

  1. Thought of Stef Sun’s song and mv only after watching this new song and music video from Rene Liu 劉若英. Another long music video shot and edited in the micromovie 微电影 style. And also set in a foreign city. And shall also be making another exception for this song and mv. Very nice.




    The poem which the lines of the note in the mv was taken from.

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