Its hot, hot, HOT! 沒完沒了的夏天 A neverending summer

I know its only the first day of May and a little too early to be calling it summer, and anyway, there really isn’t a summer season on a tropical island in the first place. But these past few days and nights have been asphyxiating-ly hot and muggy – just thinking that the worst of the local ‘summer’ is still ahead (the next 3 months till July at least) and I’m ready to pass out.

Hope this isn’t shaping out to be a neverending summer 沒完沒了的夏天. But since I’ll be sweating it out anyway, may as well do it with some happy tunes and dreams of gorgeous beaches…

沒完沒了 Neverending:

You are in a sun-fevered delirium

李心潔 television drama 『沒完沒了的夏天』 幕後花絮
Angelica Lee | television drama | A Neverending Summer:

God, 李心潔 Angelica Lee is gorgeous… Especially when she talks in her Malaysian-Chinese accent.

She’s a much better actress than she is a singer, of course. Still, I liked some of her songs from way back early in her career, especially the music videos. Lovely.

[keeping to the summer theme]
裙擺搖搖 Swirling Skirt:

Sigh. In this heat and lethargy, just wanna chill and have a blue and white daydream 做一场蓝色白日梦…



我坐在单人的小沙发 刚睡醒就像一只懒猫
打开电视看今天的天气 是一个大太阳的天气
我想去有大树的地方 在树上让微风拥抱我
忘记你也许很不容易 至少我不再依靠你

我穿上我的新球鞋 把公车的窗户打开
我闻到自己的发香 不再眷恋你给我的承诺
让微风带我去天空 做一场蓝色白日梦
白日梦当然没有你 其实我最爱我自己

A Blue and White Daydream

I’m slouched on a single-seat sofa, just woke up like a lazy stretching cat
Turn on the TV to catch the weather news, its gonna be a scorching day
I want to go where there is a big tree, and let the gentle breeze hug me up in the tree
Forgetting you may not be easy, at least I don’t rely on you anymore

I put on my new sneakers, open the window on the bus
I smell the fragrant scent of my own hair, no longer pining for the promise you made me
Let the gentle breeze take me up to the sky, and have a blue and white daydream
The daydream does not include you of course, actually I love myself the most

李心潔 television drama 『沒完沒了的夏天』 Episode 1:


Okay, tomorrow I’m getting me some ice kacang and chendol.


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