The magic of 1994: 願 Wish

The lightest touch of melancholy and regret flicked gently across the heart tonight, and I am reminded of this song…

From 1994, a standout year in the late teen/young adult years. A year memorable also for many outstanding Hong Kong films, when the city’s film industry was probably right at its apex in terms of the popularity, reach, influence (pan-Asia, probably even across the globe: think Quentin T) and box office results of both its commercial offerings as well as its more thespian, cinematic art-house films.

But while 1994 witnessed a host of big commercial movies and widely anticipated art films which cemented or rather, gilded the reputations and careers of many big name directors, actors/actresses, cinematographers…a little movie slipped past almost unnoticed, helmed by a then yet to be considered first-tier director, who casted fresh faces for his movie, and which actually earned a restricted rating from the censors for its ribald themes and scenes. The movie went on to become a sleeper hit and launched the careers of several of its young actors.

But for me, the movie was most notable for its theme song and music video, starting and ending with a group of friends saying their goodbyes around a grave in a white cemetery, while the deceased friend and ghost in question is perched on a nearby tomb, looking on his own funeral, a very young and fresh-faced Jordan Chan.
[the different yet same white flowers and petals offerings reflect the different personalities and characters of each friend, the film is about young Individualism after all. yet in the end, everyone and everything is the same]

From the 1994 film, 晚九朝五 Twenty something, the song 願 Wish sung by Sandy Lam.

願 林憶蓮 Yuan – Sandy Lam (電影『晚九朝五』主題曲 )

Can’t seem to find the original full music video. But here is the amazing Sandy Lam singing the full version live.


[And yes. That lady was in Chungking Express too.]


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