Music, the brain, the spatial movement of melodies and the colour of sounds [feat. Sting+Brian Eno]

As with other accomplished artists with their craft, Sting and Brian Eno ‘sees’ music as colours and angles and movement in their heads.



Featuring top musicians such as Sting, Michael Bublé, Feist & Wyclef Jean.

From punk to pop, hip-hop to classical, music has the power to stir up powerful emotions, memories and passions. But it is only now, thanks to cutting-edge experiments, that scientists are starting to understand how our brains process and react to music. Using rock star Sting as a guinea pig, this fascinating documentary sees The Police singer go from stage to brain scan, as experts explore how his grey matter responds to different types of music. Also featuring interviews with Michael Bublé, Feist and Wyclef Jean, find out just why music means so much to us.

My Music Brain, how does our brain work? (National Geographic Channel)

BRIAN ENO: His Music and The Vertical Color of Sound

Much of Eno’s music is constructed on a vertical basis: to a great extent, it is music concerned with the sheer color of sound, rather than with the linear (horizontal) growth of melodies. Each moment in Eno’s music presents certain tone colors or timbres, and the interest lies in the relationships between these colors – rather than in the evolution of thematic material, which has been the norm in in most Western art music for centuries. What Eno hears sitting in Hyde Park is a composite, geographical, ambient music, with no need of horizontal teleology or the logic of linear development.

Was reminded of the above regarding Sting and Brian Eno from a few disparate touch points, including listening again to Brian Eno’s Deep Blue Day, mentioned in an old post:

Brian Eno – Deep Blue Day:


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