“Its better to burn out, than to fade away”

Just said this over at this post, regarding aging and death:

We are all getting there, TS, one way or another, sooner or later…

But some old geezers seem to hang on interminably; admirable in itself, but can be hellish with their crusty grating character which rather than mellow with age, instead seems to have sharpened in their dotage…

I dunno whether its true what they say about ‘no country for old men’, but as for myself, definitely NO walking sticks for me.

I still think:
“Its better to burn out, than to fade away”

And more than ever, am determined to “go down in a blaze of glory.”

Something which I am acutely feeling right now.
Video of the famous ‘Holy Ground’ scene between Connor MacLeod and Kurgan from Highlander.

Heh, yes…my life is simply a series of 电影桥段 tacky movie scenes, dialogues and song lyrics.
And yes, I am feeling rather bad-ass and dark right now…


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