Electric Dreams: Music, computers, and architecture

Just went on another memory trip. One of my favourite movie from a long time ago, bringing together the three things which were to become the loves of my life…four, if you count Virginia Madsen.

Electric Dreams – The Duel:

Hello…? Don’t be shy, that was just beautiful.
Hmm…very smart, but weird.

I loved Virginia Madsen…

Electric Dreams – The Musician and the Architect:

Heh, Electric Dreams was one of my favourite movies at that time. Like Princess Bride, Labyrinth, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, I could remember all the lines.

And the images of the architect’s apartment and home studio from the movie later fueled my teenage dreams of what I wanted my ideal bachelor’s pad and home/work/play loft and studio to be like.

At that time, I was learning BASIC programming from my older cousin, a true computer and programming whizz, on his Apple II. I loved how he hacked into the Space Invaders game and modified the code to include his own special upgrades: not only were his shields movable from side to side, they had cannon turrets to shoot back at the alien hordes. He turned me onto his favourite hackers movie, WarGames (1983) and we spent a lot of time on his dial-up bulletin boards (basically an early form of the internet) connecting with people from around the world, and shocking my aunt with the phone bills we ran up.
Ah, those were the days… who still remember PINE and telnet chat “instant messaging” before the Internet and ICQ?
Finger you Finger me…


Electric dreams are surely made of these…

Electric Dreams – EDGAR the computer dreams an electric dream:


EDGAR composes a love song for Madeline…

Electric Dreams – Love is love:


Madeline/Virginia Madsen discovers microchips can dream, make music, love…and hurt.

Electric Dreams – Madeline’s Tear:


And the final part of the movie, where EDGAR “signs off” and self-destructs, and the very rousing ending theme song, “Together in Electric Dreams”:

Electric Dreams – movie finale – Together in Electric Dreams:

Ahh, I love the 80s…and San Francisco.

2 thoughts on “Electric Dreams: Music, computers, and architecture

  1. Not sure why but this movie is one of those that got away .. don’t know how is it I have never seen it. Watched the first YouTube clip you posted above. What a lovely cellist !!!

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