Yellow and not so mellow. And a little red house at Lorne.

Am feeling a little yellow and not so mellow right now. Strange feelings. Probably too much engagement this past few days, with too many unsolicited updates.

I am politely pleased S made associate director and is too busy with the sports hub project to continue to helm archifest. Am genuinely impressed E is now mother of two and more impressed she got her figure back within two months. Good that P’s fund weathered the last few years and he is still slugging it out though size now dangerously at the survival point. Really glad J left the unhappiness here behind and is carving a name for himself in resorts and landscape design in China. But most of all, I am just glad to know, she is still traveling and looking at everything around her through her quirky lens and doing what she loves…happy feet…

But strangely, feeling a little yellow.

Then this song popped up, with some lyrics that seem to mirror what I am feeling right now. Rather soothing. Thank goodness for little graces…

香格里拉 Shangri-la:



夜空中北極星 迷路的人不恐懼

G和絃的根音 撫平脆弱的心靈

小木屋紅屋頂 地址是一個秘密

香格里拉在那裡 讓我們去找尋


Feeling a little lost and weak.

But I know exactly where Shangri-la, and where that little red house is: at our favourite log cabin on the green grassy hill slopes of Lorne, facing the ocean with the last bits of the winter chill still in the November air; feverishly climbing and pulling each other up the wet steep slopes of Gedong Songo in the late afternoon drizzle, chasing down the last of the nine candi-temples while racing against the fading light and looming mist to shoot the Ganesha shrine with shaking hands and no tripod; losing ourselves amongst the books and clean lines of the art & design section of Eslite-誠品書店 at 2am; and the thrill of being at the MUJI 無印良品 store at 忠孝東路 and picking out pink and blue pajamas and soft fluffy slippers…

Why do we do this to ourselves…


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