Bobby McFerrin: Air & Be Happy

Bobby Mcferrin feat. Bach – Air:


And of course…

Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry Be Happy (a cappella):

Ahh…I want my childhood back…

7 thoughts on “Bobby McFerrin: Air & Be Happy

  1. TS,

    Thanks for the heads-up. I just went to have a listen to the Yo-Yo Ma/Bobby McFerrin’s performance of Air. Very nice.

    And saw your old hand-copied music score…well done!
    Actually, I think you/I were better off in the pre-internet past with having to copy/write out by hand scores, notes, and any other important work/material… It is after all, the only way to commit to heart and mind the things that really matter to us.

  2. Partly agree with you re easy availability of materials nowadays. The harder to get, the more you appreciate. There is a trade-off vs ready access to stuff so you don’t value what you have as much.

  3. TS,

    Much thanks for the ahem, ‘stuff’. It’s great!

    The recording makes it seem like he is singing the sounds non-stop in Ave Maria, with his breath inhalations coming at the same moments with his notes, amazing! I keep listening over and over but I can’t figure it out…

    He seems to be able to intone on the intake with a sound very much like his regular singing note…which is amazing.
    [This is easier to do with whistling if you are able to do inhale-whistling — produce roughly the same note while inhaling, and so give the illusion that you are whistling a song non-stop without the need to inhale/catch your breath. Used to do this for laughs, heh…]
    But if he is able to do it while singing notes…Wow.

    I know I should be more ‘hush hush’ about this, but I have a new favourite playlist to choose from now. Thanks again!

  4. Yep, I actually listened to the youtube live version and compared it to the album recording before coming to the above conclusion, because the two versions sound so different. In the youtube live version, he makes very quick inhalations at the breaks between his notes, quick but still clearly at the breaks, which is normal; but the recording sounds very different…

    Either way, he sounds amazing…it’s just that the album recording blew me away!

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