Sporean electoral parody of Gee [Girls’ Generation]

Recently came across this hilarious video.
[I know I really shouldnt (post it), but I cant resist…]
A bit late, now that elections over…

Btw, after coming of age but never getting to vote cuz of GRC stronghold/no contest/walkovers, I also virgin first-time voter at this ripe ‘old’ age…
Truly for me,
“Living by the sea and under PAP
Never get to vote or see my MP”

[Actually I got to see him quite a few times lah, most notably many many seasons ago, in school on stage to shake his hand and receive my prizes… he very distinguished ORA alumni you know]

And really, this mrbrown video is quite a good production, very well done.

Parody of Gee:


And this is the actual saccharine-overdosed MV, Gee by Girls’ Generation.
[Am not a SONE by far; but since I am now posting their video…
Go Taeyeon! You cute little babo…

Gee [Girls’ Generation]:

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