1st Intermission: X million spores

We interrupt the scheduled Tizzy Bac music programming for some newsflashes:

S’pore population at 5.08m

SINGAPORE’s population now stands at 5.08 million as at end-June, according to official data released by the Singapore Department of Statistics on Tuesday.

There were 3.77 million residents, of whom 3.23 million were Singapore citizens and 540,000 permanent residents.

[ie. there are about 1.3 million non-resident foreign/transient workers in all. That’s 1 in every four people.]


Spores, spores mushrooming everywhere…
Like an over-fertile land sprouting in a fecund frenzy after ‘blessed’ showers of pregnant life-bearing rain and monsoons.
that gentle splash may not be too long in coming now…

If the powers that be do raise us up to Population X or 6 million spores, that gentle splash you hear, may just be me falling into the eastern seas, pushed off changi coast by the relentless encroaching crowds…



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