Grilled Squid and barbecued PIIGS


The above title should be quite clear, what with the roasting going on over at The Hill of the GS vampire squid, as well as the euro-fringe countries being dragged over the coals by the rating agencies.

Here is a frivolous haiku-ed comment made some time back about the GS squid, which came up elsewhere during some ‘ultimately barbarorous’ musings on markets, haikus and vogon poetry:

Salaxalan (G)Squid

Gently Dirk-ed, bleeds ancient

Cthulhu horrors

And more recently, I (thought I) espied Taichiseal structuring a subdued irony in his various posts and shared articles, on PIIGS and IBEX goats, and responded with the following:

Of PIIGS, goats, and IBEX…


What an amazing video/documentary of the Ibex goat! I really really enjoyed it.

I think I understand your offered irony, in your recent posts and shared articles…

If mountain ibex goats can cheat death with each uncanny leap from one cliff edge to the next, the Spanish IBEX index may yet survive…And PIIGS may truly fly.
And the stone-faced Teutonic/Deutsche/German monetary shepherds and their bluff will be called, and they shall eventually send in their largesse and rescue the entire herd of wayward profligate-spending pigs and goats.

Or they may not.
Any the market foxes and wolves will have a grand day feasting on the meat of piigs and goats…



Grilled green giant Cthulhu squid, thawed from at-the-bottom-of-the-world frozen ancient mythos…


Like the ancient Cthulhu blob which is actually the spawn of Life in the world, and when reawakened and released from its Mountains of Madness, seeks to propagate and imbibe and absorb all life;
the GS squid and its tentacles reaches “…everywhere. The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.”


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