陳珊妮 Sandee Chan, smart women, and leaving on a jet plane

Just found out that 陳珊妮/Sandee Chan was in town for a one-night only concert on 20 Feb 2010, during the Chinese New Year week.

Sigh, missed it…

And found this review by a concert-goer on her blog giving a nice account of the night.

Sandee Chan apparently said during her concert:
“希望你们可以回家写一些东西, 在你们的blog上, 让那些没有来的人很后悔”.
“Hope you all will go back and write some stuff (about the concert) on your blogs, so that those who did not attend will be filled with regret.”

I for one, regret that I missed Sandee Chan’s rare visit to Spore.

陳珊妮/Sandee Chan was the big sister at the alternative-rock record label 磨岩/Magic Stone in the 1990s; and is known as the princess of underground-rock.
Bio in English:
Bio in Chinese:

Perhaps one day, when my obligations on this Sporean island are over, I may hop on and leave on a jet plane, for the treasure island of Taiwan; where so many delights, both of nature and of man-wrought arts, abound…
One day, I just may…leave on a jet plane.


陳珊妮:乘噴射機離去 1995, Sandee Chan: Leaving on a jet plane












Leaving on a jet plane

Someday you will meet someone like this – at the next table in a dark gloomy small restaurant – amongst the unfamiliar words and language,
The penned straight and perpendicular lines respectively belonging to completely opposite limiting images,
There will be such a someone who puts down his luggage – patiently folds his napkin into a boat – and a woman – a very exquisite and utterly bored napkin,
Such a someone and me do not have any obvious reason to be in the same house – the slanted shadows guarding from far far away,
In a coincidental movement and moment they meet – falling upon the leather shoes of a Romanian.

The Romanian’s beard is like the snow – the snow of the third act after the revolution – the snow as such is not enough,
The far-travelling ranks walked past seven drum-sticks – excited and triumphant break,
Who sewed and made this drum – as strong and spritely as a spring day – the scary white-clothed virtue,
Ah dragonflies dragonflies fly on out, the dancer stepped in – the wordless someone continues drinking tea,
Amidst the dusk an audible sigh, following the warm air and passing – it is probably unintended,
But why not some understanding – some irreducible energy – meet someone like this – someday you will.

Possibly – very much possibly – within each others’ saddened eyes – the brushing past of kindness could not do much more,
In all four directions a sudden quiet, leaving only a single crude common understanding song: Leaving on a jet plane.
Humming along humming along – thinking to allow yourself a casual grief and to learn a lesson from the shallow lyrics,
You know there was a stamp which ever since it left the album it never returned,
There was a lid which abandoned its pot – I would like to write your address on the sandy beach – to keep you within my sleeping bag,
Before sleeping play a game of crossword puzzle – hide you in my schoolbag together with a book of newly edited collection of poems,
Together with my climbing boots binoculars and submarine – my very first expectation of the world – my secret love.

When all the flowers have forgotten your sleeping face – the cluster of stars – while I was waiting to speed fly away – fell down in shock,
The last of the footprints became muddled destroyed – the wind blew open the book – page 8 line 9,
This was how the matter was decided – decided – beneath the period (full-stop).

The shallow so shallow water melon seeds – the water melon grows in sandy ground – at the hottest time ripen burst,

Just like you once with me – like the kettle on the stove – hissing and boiling itself empty,
Yes someone like this – one day I suddenly understood between us – we in our own different limiting images,
A lonesome without end – expanding ageing dying – forever forever impossible to meet.

The depressed chinese girl returns from her walk – sits before the window practicing her French: Is this a horse (cheval)? Or is it a hat (chapeau)?
This is a mortar round – the mortar round fell in Lebanon – the firey revolutionary returns home docilely to eat his dinner,
When the congruent triangle cuts the circle – the chicken and the rabbit do not understand why they ended up in the same cage,
Furthermore, the post office is opposite the bank – and is on the left of the hospital – the river water flows under the bridge – the man walks on the bridge,
Can we give free rein to ourselves in conversation – opposite the bank – to walk on the wall – or to leave on a jet plane.

Returning to the dark gloomy small restaurant – the unfamiliar words and language – the Romanian – the travelling ranks,
It will happen – someday it is completely possible someone will read to this point – someone will ask me: Are you the drum or the drumstick?
Sigh that is a foolish question – also that is not what I mean – I just want to say – you may meet someone,
From the start I was sincere and whole-hearted – and was in sorrow,
But later matters change – matters always change.

Someday possibly – very much possibly – start again,
Someday possibly – very much possibly – start again,
Someday possibly – very much possibly,
Someday possibly – very much possibly.


The lyrics of this magnificent epic 8-min song, was penned by the modern Taiwanese poetess, 夏宇/Xia Yu.
The fantastic kaleidescope of imagery conjured and conducted through the pen-wand of Xia Yu, is given its full-throated range and voice by Sandee Chan. Sometimes artists meet and together create something greater than their individual efforts. This is one such meeting.

夏宇/Xia Yu has written many wonderful poems which were turned into songs, and I like several other poem-songs which were authored by Xia Yu, including a couple more that were performed by Sandee Chan.
But my favourite Xia Yu poem-song is one that was used in a multi-medium-platform-artistes production, in a stage-play based on the work of the Taiwanese novelist/illustrator Jimmy Liao, and performed by 陳綺貞/Cheer Chen, who was playing the main character of a blind girl.
More on this poem-song later.

[Of course, Sandee Chan, Xia Yu, Cheer Chen and several other luminiscent ladies mentioned on this site, are all very smart women.

The attraction to such smart women is understandable. Their talent and brilliance give them an effervescent glow that melts away hearts and captures souls…

But as another smart lady had retorted before:

So you found a girl who thinks really deep thoughts.
What’s so amazing about really deep thoughts.
Boy you better pray I bleed real soon…
How’s that thought for you?

–Tori Amos, Silent All These Years

(more on this song later too)

Am slightly chastened by Tori…
But I guess smart ladies will always light my fire.


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