Everything and Everyone has signatures.

There are signatures in everything: radar signatures, heat signatures, movement signatures, timing signatures… …everything leaves a mark.

There are signatures in everyone: signatures in the way we act, talk, sing, move, even think; and especially signatures in the way we perform learned behavior (sports, chess, card games).

And not in the least, the way we write.

Every word we write, is a mark. (Even the ones we don’t.)



we leave in between, ornot.

Every man’s thinking, speaking and writing plays to a timing and cadence, a rhythm and rhyme that is his own. Especially if its discordant.

With right observing, measuring, perceiving, and above all, apprehending, one may see clearly.
But even more important than seeing, is knowing how to react.
To measure+perceive but not apprehend and react in the right way –- Fail.

Failure am I.


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