Evil Rats


Live and let live – deliver star
{!or else loop}


{Evil rats stole evil reel – reviled dna pool !}



3 thoughts on “Evil Rats

  1. Somehow, everything goes back to that post. I can’t wait until DRD posts again, and I’d appreciate your assistance in our little exercise. Seriously, do you think he’s a bot? Or perhaps a mental case? Jeff

  2. Welcome Jeff, to this little corner of the world wide sandbox.

    Nah, he’s human. He may be a little over-enthusiastic, but surely no mental case. In fact, he seems to be an alright chap, and certainly rather diligent. But if he had already spent 2 years and is still working out the logical inconsistencies of his state machine, then … …

    Just remembered saying the following quite sometime ago; I think it approximates to what I feel DRD is facing (do note that I said parts of the following in jest):

    Hi Brett,

    Indeed, appropriate metaphors and analogies can let us learn better and sometimes even allow understanding to coalesce where it might otherwise be difficult to apprehend.

    Imaginative students of the markets have reached for parallels to subjects as varied as complex adaptive systems, tiny quantum-mechanical leaps, and even learnt to play Gallwey’s inner game of tennis. More prescient practitioners of the market craft study the predestination paradoxes of St. Augustine, the Way of the Tao Te Ching, or even attempt to wield the diamond-cutter in the Vajra sutra.

    All said, a cautionary note needs to be sounded in taking market and trading analogies too far: while maintaining a “lattice-work of mental models” is well and good, we have to be careful we do not end up curve-fitting mental models the way short-sighted traders curve-fit historical data.

    … DRD may be trying too hard to be imaginative.
    Sometimes, numbers are just numbers.


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