1000 Miles

500 Miles/The Proclaimers:

But I would walk 500 miles
And I would walk 500 more
Just to be the man who walks a thousand miles
To fall down at your door


Okay, I can’t walk 1000 miles, not continuously at least.
I can walk 10 hours everyday, at a steady easy pace of 6 km an hour; which works out to be about 600 km (~400 miles) of ten days walking. Which is perfect for a nice rambling 2 or 3-week walking-holiday over some of the most beautiful trails in the world.

While I’ve heard a lot about the Via de la Plata in Spain and am awfully intrigued by the idea of retracing the ancient steps of a pilgrimage/spiritual journey, there are of course many just as interesting journeys and routes nearer afield.

In the younger days, I have already done the backpacker thing with the requisite 70-liter Deuter packs and slept in 2-dollar rooms with a full welcoming committee of the commonwealth bloodbank of bedbugs and fleas (I must have donated up to half my body-weight of the red stuff).
Now, older, less foolish and a more delicate constitution demands lighter packs and cleaner beds.

Am still an island-boy at heart, and the scent and sound of the sea is still the most clarifying.

A solitary cabin on Christmas Island from which you can base hours and days of serene walking;
or trekking the coastal byways from village to village of coastal Taiwan and Green Island…
Heaven on earth.


2 thoughts on “1000 Miles

  1. Don Chu ,

    You mention that there are ‘interesting journeys and destinations nearer afield’. Pray, do add a few names, if you can. It would make for interesting reading.


  2. Actually Murali, I am more along the view of Thoreau:

    “Direct your eye right inward, and you’ll find
    A thousand regions in your mind
    Yet undiscovered. Travel them, and be
    Expert in home-cosmography.”


    Like T, I very much prefer to know intimately the lines on every leaf and the bark of every twig in my own yard and pond, then to discover whole new worlds like a Columbus.

    But of course, sometimes we do need to venture slightly beyond the banks of our tiny walden-pond, and saunter off to a Mount Ktaadn.

    For myself, explorations of the regional ancient empires (south-east asia: Srivijaya, Sanjaya, Majapahit empires) and their magnificent Prambanan, Dieng Plateau, Gedong Songo, Borobudur and other complexes have been magical.


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