Fig Leaves



Because of this, I suspect that at least three of the following four conditions are needed to force the hand of European donors, and that is assuming that Greece provides them at least with the fig leaf of commitment to meaningful internal policy actions.

–Mohamed El-Erian





Leaving on a jet plane

Tracing the Srivijaya empire across the region. Again. This time starting from the cloud-tops of Gedong Songo.

Gedong Songo/Nine Temples in the mist



Then, off to the Treasure Island/宝岛, (Taiwan).
A recon trip…
Green island. Peng Hu Wan.

Gaia: Part II – The Third Equilibrium

The (fortunate) third equilibrium, a meeting between the water and carbon cycles of earth, giving birth to Life.

Perhaps a tenuous equilibrium, of barely-there stability; may not take much to tip Gaia beyond the sweet-spot of 0-25 degrees C, onto a horror roller-coaster ride(s) into the stronger attractor states of much lower (Lyapunov) minima lurking just past the edges:-
Graph B II:

–Gorshkov V.G.

Gaia: Part I – Decay/腐朽

In response to

腐朽/Decay by 陳綺貞 Cheer Chen.


[一切的一切 都是从海洋开始的 爱情也是]

掀開以後 不再寫入驚喜
她非常想念 愛人的溫柔

雙手反鎖禁閉 割斷宇宙呼喊訊息
在愛人的氣息裡 血腥的紅色最甜蜜

我需要休息 我需要煽動的潮汐

失去意志肯定 反叛懷抱裡的母親
在愛人的氣息裡 殘破的太陽升起

我需要休息 我需要安靜的舉行
我需要逃避 攤開你的手讓我死在你懷裡

美麗會凋零 泥土埋葬森林
美麗會凋零 腐朽 我的愛情

[之后是葬在土里无微不至的腐朽 伤口也是 美丽也是 幸福也是 爱情也是]


[The One and All of everything
Begins from the oceans
As with Love]

With a Word of veiled Determination
After its revelation, No more to be written into surprise (discovery/randomess)
Walking into a lush blooming forest
She misses very much, The tenderness of her Lover

A pair of hands tightly set and locked against, Choking off the cries and signs of the universe
Buried deep within a soil stripped of its rights/life
Within the breath of the Lover, The crimson red of blood is sweetest

I need to rest, I need the fomenting of the tides

Losing the will and assertion, Rebelling against the embrace of Mother
At this moment the oceans lost its one only fish
Within the breath of the Lover, The worn and weary sun rises

I need to rest, I need the quiet to Work
I need to flee, Open your arms let me die in your embrace

Beauty will fade, The mud buries the forest
Beauty will fade, Decaying my Love

[And thereafter buried in the soil a complete Decay (reduce to nothing)
As with all wounds
As with beauty
As with happiness
… …
As with Love