5 thoughts on “留白 Leaving white (space)

  1. Sorry guys, for the white space here. Am working to fill it.
    (different from the PiPs; those are languishing due to laziness, but will fill those in later too…)

    ‘留白 Leaving white’ is a follow-on from the previous portraiture post. This pair has been outlined in other places (mind/journal) for some time. Finally decided to sketch it in on this site.


    [Guess I did a ‘开天窗’/’put in a skylight’ — term used in chinese journalism referring to publishing empty columns. My intention has less to do with its original use as a show of protest against censorship (from the turbulent Nationalistic period), but more to grab the dateline; the date has special significance.]

  2. ld,

    Thanks for the reference. And yep, that’s the same church mentioned in that comment I made at your site previously.

    I remember during my first week in architecture school, the instructors took us on field trips to visit the notable buildings+spaces across the island. The Armenian Church was one of the few sites which some of us returned to again and again, to experience+sketch+paint+photograph+record…

    While I am unsure whether the church is currently used for Christmas services (it is a gazetted building and maintained in pristine condition), I am sure a Christmas service held in this small but beautiful church will be exquisite.

    Blessed holidays,

    [And what an interesting confluence of ‘coincidences’:
    The dateline in your referenced post.
    And indeed, the clean lines and whitewashed portico, columns and walls of the armenian church amongst the colourful and busy landscape/canvas of the city street/area it is nestled within, is truly a beautiful act of ‘留白 Leaving white space’.

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