Perturbed Identities & a Love Letter

Nina Power recently wrote of receiving intriguing “dispatches from another world” in her post — yet another identity crisis. Bemusingly, my emailed comment was added to the original post.

My comment reads:

Your last post, wondering about the unsolicited yet fascinating “dispatches from another world”, reminds me of Shunji Iwai’s 1995 film “Love Letter”. A tale of perturbed identities, a little pseudo-Gettier, time-conjoined doppelgangers, hope and grief, and of course, love.

This would be a good chance to sneak in one of my favourite films from the 90’s (part of the indelible impressions from the growing years), which features doubles within doubles (a pair of look-alikes plus a pair of same-names).

In Love Letter, Miho Nakayama plays two roles in the film, where as the petite and kooky Itsuki Fujii with her short-cropped hair and laidback/bookish/artistic je ne sais quoi, she was so endearing…



Difficult not to like this film, with its doubly star-crossed twists of fate in names and likenesses, muted yearnings translated into enduring puzzles hidden within books and libraries, silent photographs joining with unknowing memories to finally reveal the most precious and tender of emotions…

A very well-done music video of the film:
Love Letter MV

The synopsis:

Film Trailer:
Love Letter Trailer


6 thoughts on “Perturbed Identities & a Love Letter

  1. TS,

    Not really. I do have a few Asian drama serials I enjoy (Jap, Korean, Taiwanese) on disc, usually some years after they hit the screens. I’ve always been abit slow to catch onto popular culture.

    Speaking of Jdrama, a few months back I was really enjoying this short series which apparently was a hit in 2006:
    Kekkon Dekinai Otoko / He Who Can’t Marry.

    Ah…the story of my life…
    Not so much the title really, but the story background of Abe Hiroshi as the eccentric but brilliant architect who practices his craft in the only way he knows how — being true to himself.
    And of course, how he cant stand being with people. But still…

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