A rubric rose by any other name

Special Providence
American Exceptionalism
Manifest Destiny
Greater Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere
Deutsches Reich
The sun never sets on the British Empire
Old Imperialism
In the name of “God, gold and glory”
Mongol Hordes
Pax Romana
Expansionist Han Wudi
The ‘First’ and ‘Immortal’ Emperor Qin ShiHuangDi, enforcer of uniformity, burner of books
*The Great Wall of China, proud bankrupter of at least two dynasties
The melded multiple-nation Achaemenid empire
Assyrian Nineveh
Babylonia, once and again
Tower of Babel
The Great Ziggurat of Ur
The even greater ego of Gilgamesh, not satisfied with being two-thirds god and still seeking after immortality

Neverending Hubris (followed only a shadow away, by its twin spirit — Nemesis).

And the result in every case, always:
mene mene tekel upharsin
(numbered weighed, found wanting — divided).


8 thoughts on “A rubric rose by any other name

  1. Hi legacy,

    Of course.
    Just that the first two items came up recently, while reading through some daily ruminations and speculations. So, thought I’ll cast an idle eye over similar empire-context hubris, along the same puffed-up ballooning lines.

    And you’re right that the writing’s usually already on the wall, even while the wall’s still getting built up.


    *added to above: Hubris almost always bankrupts; economically, in spirit and in flesh

  2. legacy,

    Am not qualified to dig into history definitely; just an abiding fascination since as a child.

    And the very absorbing histories of Mesopotamia, the Near East and Central Asia of Classical Antiquity, of which your ancient people is so very much a part of, has accompanied much of my readings and wonderment for many years.

    The world is an amazing place…


  3. I wonder why my people have been spared to exist to this day. Going back to the fractal nature, we are found wanting at every level. What are considered great achievements of humanity are just additional walls with the writing on them.

    Ignore everything and life becomes easier. I wish I could…

  4. legacy,

    Your pensive emotion is keenly felt through your words…

    As for fractal natures, as we have spoken of elsewhere, the referential individual unit is certainly the level where all significant achievements originate. And the founding of any nation always begins with one man.

    While the exploits of founding fathers, like Hayk the mighty archer of your people, burn strong and fierce like a glowing furnace;
    it may be the trials and tribulations endured over millenia, like red-hot steel beng quenched in water, which may have tempered the unyielding resolve and will of an entire nation.

    Humility does seem to be a more effective appeal, to be spared from the smiting of His hand, than Hubris.


  5. [Turning to the exploits of another Hay(e)k, this time of economics.

    The first two items in the list above were from discussions regarding, unsurprisingly, national debt.

    Think I should rose-rubricize them to have clarity on the germination of the thoughts above.]

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