Asian Babel

Coming soon: Asian Babel.

The longer print version of the above article states:
“…thanks to a special speech-to-speech translator software, which can translate nine languages, namely Malay, Hindi, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Mandarin and English.

All this happens in one or two seconds.”

Apparently, the program translates the inputted/spoken text into English, the (inter-)lingua franca, before generating the desired output language.
[Much in the same way triangular currency arbitrage is carried out (with a reserve currency), which allows for the determination of the equilibrium cross-rates of three currencies.
Or basically, as a placeholder to pass data values in data structures.

Kudos to the researchers from the eight countries for their collaborative efforts, lead by Japan.

Methinks the researchers above owe a debt of thanks to earlier thought which paved the way, especially to pioneering work in communication theory and information theory:-

The Lasswell Communication Model:
Who (says) What (to) Whom (in) What Channel (with) What Effect ?

And even more pertinent, Claude Shannon’s “A Mathematical Theory of Communication”:



[Astute traders and more intrepid risk-takers (aka gamblers) will of course recognize Shannon as the co-developer of that most integral formula used in optimization of bet-sizing/money management — the Kelly criterion]


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