Dead philosophers

Its always safer to read dead writers/thinkers than the livelier species.

Just when you think you have wrapped your head around the fantastic ideas of a dazzling contemporary mind, you never know if he’s going to do an about-turn and recant/trivialize his earlier thoughts and leave you stuttering like an idiot caught with fool’s gold — just ask the logical positivists of the Vienna Circle when the later Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations was published, some thirty years after his Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.

Applying this advice, I finally got round to reading Richard Rorty in more detail in the last two years since his unfortunate passing.
(Though in reality, the two years hardly provide enough of a distance towards approaching his thoughts)

Was not disappointed:
Rorty’s topical range has been a refreshing read (notwithstanding some of his bias…) and serves as a useful and thoughtful balance against the dual extrema of continentalism and analytics (and particularly as a reasonable Derrida-check).
[But while I appreciate Rorty’s explication of his ‘ironist’, was forced to wonder whether Rorty was making liberal applications of ironism when reading+cringing through yet more postulation on ‘Wittgensteinian therapeutic methods’.]

Hence, it is with some trepidation that I recently started sampling a little of the thoughts of yet another French (and still very much alive!) thinker; apparently known as the current ‘Bad-‘ boy of continentalist philosophy.
Have only been browsing, but I have to say, his mathematical ontology is proving to be very seductive. His use of Cantor (one of my favourites — the Apostle of Prophetic Matheme) certainly doesn’t hurt.

At 72, our frenchman is apparently still going strong and publishing, as recently as two years back.
[Sacrebleu! What if he does a ‘retour’ and returns to his original ideas and erases/traces over them!]

Will show restraint and wait it out for ‘finality’ to be conferred onto his works before reading on. Just not sure how long one has to wait… or even if the waiting will be in vain.

[One should know better than to indulge, but sometimes its hard to resist taking a few turns on the “purgatorial treadmill…(of) the great themes of Western philosophy”.
Ah well, at the very least, it gives this twitching hamster some exercise…

{For the sake of balance and paying respects, lets raise our glasses and give a toast to the dead philosophers:


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