Moon hook 月如钩



剪不断 理还乱
别有一番滋味 在心头

Wordless, a lone ascend up the west tower,
The moon like a hook.
Lonesome willows,
Framed within the deep courtyard, locked within deep autumnal pinings.
Impossible to cut, every trim begets more entanglements,
Are the threads of sorrow and being away.
Is this not a unique flavour upon the heart’s way…

-李煜 Li Yu, last emperor of the Tang dynasty

The poet-king who lost his kingdom, the dynasty of his forebears, and his dignity.


2 thoughts on “Moon hook 月如钩

  1. ”唱着…倾诉古老、庄严又多情的中国。

    “singing…speaking of the ancient, solemn, yet sentimental China.
    …never to forget the joy, sadness and honour that is to be Chinese.”

    –邓丽君/Teresa Teng

    [Teresa Teng speaking of singing songs with lyrics set to ancient Chinese poems, in her immensely popular album, Light Exquisite Feeling (淡淡幽情). This album consisted of twelve poems from the Tang and Song dynasties.]

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