A good walk, a benighted show, a trace of sanshin



A good walk today. All dusktime walks are good; but sometimes He smiles and puts on an especial brilliant show.

A beautiful sunset, a full moon, and strains of this sanshin tune playing faintly in the head:


One thought on “A good walk, a benighted show, a trace of sanshin

  1. Always foolish to try and describe sunsets. A fool then.

    … …

    Dignified Sun yields, a gracious westerly retreat. Trace of an almost full moon, faint reveal slowly through the thin-veiled blush of red dusky skies. Silvered Moon, emboldened now, yet with noble restraint, generously shares the ethereal stage with an amorphous cast of Cirrus, Cumulus and Stratus stretching languid across the expanse.

    Then, in an unknown breathless moment, He begins:
    Blending indescribable colours into myriad forms,
    crafting ephemeral contours into tinted hues;
    shading shapes, shaping shades…

    The last of its light sent forth and satisfied, the sun turns and steps behind dark curtains. Colours, shapes, light, heat — all recede.
    The lone moon glows cool, silver-limed light burnished in the growing darkness.

    Benign-ed, beneficence received; one may breathe again.

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