A Long Sentence

“It is a world of confined spaces or else bleak wastes, inhabited by asocial and indeed misanthropic monologuers helpless to terminate their monologue, tramps with failing bodies and never-sleeping minds condemned to a purgatorial treadmill on which they rehearse again and again the great themes of Western philosophy; a world that comes to us in the distinctive prose that Beckett, using French models in the main, though with Jonathan Swift whispering ghostly in his ear, was in the process of perfecting for himself, lyrical and mordant in equal measures.”

-J. M. Coetzee, reviewing Samuel Beckett’s mid-period fictional formalization.

1 sentence, 89 words, some balanced conjunctions, only 1 semicolon; and most remarkably, no — his favourite — paranthetic em dashes !

What a trip…

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